Meet the Woman Using Bitcoin Technology to Transform the Food Industry

October 16, 2108


By Brian Barth


The Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative, a collective of small-scale livestock farmers in Arkansas, is the first food business in the United States to utilize Provenance, a supply chain tracking system powered by blockchain technology. Provenance is essentially a digital platform that allows consumers to trace the precise history of a chocolate bar or slab of camembert back to the farm from whence it came.

Founded in 2013 by computer scientist, Dr. Jessi Baker, the London-based company, which has financial backers include Merian Ventures, one of the founders of eBay and recently, musician Peter Gabriel, now provides its services to over 200 clients in the European Union, ranging from winemakers and fishermen to bespoke clothing manufacturers (they focus on food, but also cater to other artisans)

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