Walmart is embracing Blockchain technology for food safety

October 2, 2018


By Abhimanyu Krishnan

Walmart is investing heavily in Blockchain technology and proactively educating their suppliers of food products on how Blockchain can be used to improve food traceability from the farm to Walmart shelves.  The paper, “Food Traceability Initiatives”, specifically addresses the use of Blockchain to provide transparency on leafy greens which have often been the cause of E coli outbreaks.

Provenance, a Merian Ventures backed company, is another popular service provider using Blockchain to track tuna from the moment it’s caught to the point it reaches customers.  Provenance’ goal is the ensure food safety, reduce illegal labor and avoid overfishing.

Walmart is no stranger to Blockchain, having previously collaborated with service providers to launch the Blockchain Food Safety Alliance. Walmart has applied for several patents as well including using the technology for traceability in energy distribution, payment and customer behavior systems, and the use of robots for shipping.

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