Populus Rolls Out Micro-Mobility Study

August 17, 2018    


By Christine Book


After reviewing data from May through July, a data platform startup has issued a newly-released study. The 2018 Populus Report offers new data and insights for smart cities on the mobility front, authored by the firm’s CEO and co-founder Regina Clewlow, Ph.D.

Providing an in-depth analysis on shared electric scooters and their impact on urban mobility. The study, The Micro-Mobility Revolution, presents independent analysis on the introduction, adoption and perceptions of electric scooters to help guide mobility strategies. In reviewing data from the past three months, the findings reveal that a vast majority of people – 70 percent – view electric scooters positively.

Released July 24, it focuses on the fast pace in which shared mobility devices have emerged onto the national scene, and their impact.

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