Honeycomb Launches Tracing to Create a Complete Observability Platform

June 5, 2018

Honeycomb, the leading observability provider for software engineering teams, announces general availability of Tracing. This new product adds the depth of seeing the exact time and effort spent servicing a request by any part of an application to the breadth of context provided by seeing every event in the system.

Tracing is a deeply useful debugging and optimization tool, but knowing which traces to focus on has always been a problem for users. By providing a way to go back and forth from the full context of events to the deep diagnostics of traces, Honeycomb is the first observability solution to eliminate this challenge. Honeycomb is offering Tracing at no extra charge to customers.

With the combination of events and traces, Honeycomb empowers software engineering teams to take ownership of their code with observability from development to production. Engineering teams can:

  • Ship more code faster—query, graph, and alert on the differences among builds, versions, canaries, and more in real time
  • Take ownership of their software—instrument and diagnose the behavior of their own code
  • Understand every event—dive from overall service health to individual elements of user experience and back instantly

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Marta Bulaich