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Seven Silicon Valley Tech Startups That Are Likely To Succeed In 2019

ImpactVision is one of seven Silicon Valley tech startups identified as likely to succeed in 2019. The selected startups are likely to succeed for a variety of reasons. For example, most of them have invested in niche markets. Others have developed unique solutions for problems in markets that blossom….

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How ImpactVision is using AI to detect unripe or contaminated food

Computer vision is infiltrating just about every industry — to bring analytics to retailers’ shelves, identify early signs of Alzheimer’s, and even help security cameras identify weapons.

ImpactVision is leveraging machine learning and hyperspectral imaging, a technique that combines spectroscopy and computer vision, to automatically assess the quality of food in factories and elsewhere. This article discusses the technology and advances made by ImpactVision, their first commercial deployment at Mexican sugar producer Beta San Miguel, and their recently closed investment round.

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