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Why Brexit Uncertainty Means Chaos For Britain's Tech Entrepreneurs

Kim Nilsson, Founder and CEO of Pivigo and a Forbes contributor, writes about the chilling effect in the entrepreneur community caused by the prolonged uncertainty of Brexit. Investments from the European Investment Fund have steeply declined while challenges of hiring skilled EU workers have gone up. London’s hard won status as Europe’s start-up hub may be at risk. Even steadfast London-based businesses must make contingency plans and investigate alternatives outside of the U.K. Read more…

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Pivigo Concludes London Data-to-Data Science Program; CEO to Share Experiences at Predict Conference in Dublin

Pivigo successfully completed its fifth London S2DS program which included 87 graduated SDS Fellows and delivered 23 projects. S2DS London is Europe’s largest data science training program.  In October 2, 2018, Dr. Kim Nilsson, CEO & Founder of Pivigo, will speak at the Predict 2018 Conference in Dublin to discuss lessons and experiences of completing over 120 data science projects.

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