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Women in business: overcoming the obstacles to success

Jessi Baker, founder of Provenance, a leader in the application of blockchain technology in retail to build customer trust though transparency, is one of five women executives featured in this article about overcoming obstacles to success.

She discusses her decision seek an education that combined arts and technology, rather than the path most of her female peers took of pursuing just one or the other, which limited their options later in life and may have contributed to women’s lack of confidence in their technical skills.

Her interview is presented here followed by a link to the full article with all 5 women’s stories.

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Trusting business through transparency and the technology that could drive change

Jessi Baker, founder and Chief Executive of transparency company Provenance, spoke with Business Voice about building business trust and the technology making it happen.  There is a growing movement towards more responsible, ethical shopping. Where customers can see exactly where their products are sourced and who by, not just from the point of origin but through the whole supply chain. This is not just about knowing whether a coffee is fair trade, or if a tin of tuna is dolphin friendly. This is something more.

Studies show that consumers are willing to pay more money for products from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact, yet finding the right information is still not that easy.

Provenance looks to remedy that. It works with brands and retailers to make products traceable, enabling stores to provide information on products that ensure its offerings are ethically sourced and live up to the product claims…

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Seven Blockchain Initiatives That Might Change The World

Provenance, a leader using blockchain technology to enable businesses to build trust in their goods and supply chain and empowering shoppers with data to help make informed product selection decisions, was named at the top of a short list of companies poised to make revolutionary changes in the world using blockchain.

With the Provenance platform, people know more about what they are consuming while increasing transparency in businesses they buy from, building trust.  Brands and their supply chain producers, partners, and retailers, use blockchain to share the processes behind their products and what the social and environmental impact is of their offering…

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Transparency In Business Advocate Jessi Baker On How It Can Empower Women

Jessi Baker, the CEO of Provenance, a platform that allows users to understand the ethical sourcing of their clothes and food, talked recently talked with HuffPost about entrepreneurship, inspiring women and why people should care about where their products come from. Jessi did a PhD at UCL in Computer Science, where she started to develop the concept for Provenance. Today, Provenance is one of the first to adopt and utilize blockchain technology to help create dependable, immutable records to enable transparency to exist, without being centralized.

“I’m passionate about more equality in the workplace, and believe that more exposure of who is really behind the brands you’re buying into helps ensure more equality. We encourage initiatives that support both men and women, and many of the smaller businesses want to compete on the fact they’re a women-owned business.”…

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The New Food Movement And How Blockchain Could Solve Food Security Issues

A London-based non-profit, Project Provenance, created a platform that uses blockchain to establish an authenticated food chain with information gathered collaboratively from suppliers all along the supply chain.  Their platform substantiates product claims with reliable, real-time data. With a licensing model in place, stores can license the platform while their app gives consumers the opportunity to track where the meat came from and follow its path to the stores.

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Meet the Woman Using Bitcoin Technology to Transform the Food Industry

The Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative, a collective of small-scale livestock farmers in Arkansas, is the first food business in the United States to utilize Provenance, a supply chain tracking system powered by blockchain technology. Founded in 2013 by Dr. Jessi Baker, Provenance is essentially a digital platform that allows consumers to trace the precise history of a chocolate bar or slab of camembert back to the farm from whence it came.

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Walmart is embracing Blockchain technology for food safety

Walmart is investing heavily in Blockchain technology and proactively educating their suppliers of food products on how Blockchain can be used to improve food traceability from the farm to Walmart shelves.  The paper, Food Traceability Initiatives”, specifically addresses the use of Blockchain to provide transparency on leafy greens which have often been the cause of E coli outbreaks.

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The Wild Bunch uses Provenance Blockchain Solution for Conservation

Food, and other industries, are finding uses for blockchain technology, to record encrypted, permanent and unalterable data in digital ledgers. Companies like Provenance deliver solutions that provide data on supply chains that can be trusted by companies and individuals. The food and drink sector is one of the most difficult supply chains to manage.  In this article, The Wild Bunch, a Dutch food importer, and Provenance, are featured. The Wild Bunch employs the Provenance blockchain solution to take food industry block chain to a new level by using its transparency to encourage conservation…

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