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Women in business: overcoming the obstacles to success

Jessi Baker, founder of Provenance, a leader in the application of blockchain technology in retail to build customer trust though transparency, is one of five women executives featured in this article about overcoming obstacles to success.

She discusses her decision seek an education that combined arts and technology, rather than the path most of her female peers took of pursuing just one or the other, which limited their options later in life and may have contributed to women’s lack of confidence in their technical skills.

Her interview is presented here followed by a link to the full article with all 5 women’s stories.

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Transparency In Business Advocate Jessi Baker On How It Can Empower Women

Jessi Baker, the CEO of Provenance, a platform that allows users to understand the ethical sourcing of their clothes and food, talked recently talked with HuffPost about entrepreneurship, inspiring women and why people should care about where their products come from. Jessi did a PhD at UCL in Computer Science, where she started to develop the concept for Provenance. Today, Provenance is one of the first to adopt and utilize blockchain technology to help create dependable, immutable records to enable transparency to exist, without being centralized.

“I’m passionate about more equality in the workplace, and believe that more exposure of who is really behind the brands you’re buying into helps ensure more equality. We encourage initiatives that support both men and women, and many of the smaller businesses want to compete on the fact they’re a women-owned business.”…

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