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Populus and Lime team up to share vehicle data with Seattle

Populus and Lime have teamed to share and analyze data that will help Seattle’s Department of Transportation improve the use of city curbs for parking.  Under the agreement, Lime will share GPS data of car-sharing vehicles through Populus to improve use of city curbs.  Under this partnership, Populus will receive real-time data from Lime’s shared card fleet through a standardized format to report on parking utilization and deliver other key insights to Seattle.

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Data and the Future of Mobility: An Interview with Dr. Regina Clewlow

Jimmy O’Dea, a vehicles analyst for Union of Concerned Scientists, recently talked with Populus CEO, Dr. Regina Clewlow, about data and the future of mobility.

While it’s accepted that access to data plays an important role in the design of transportation systems (and is becoming even more important with the advent of autonomous vehicles, ride hailing, bike and scooter-sharing), it’s also acknowledged that task of aggregating and analyzing this critical data is underappreciated.

Read this interview to gain insights into some of the challenges and promise in the world of mobility data sharing…

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