ABOUT: Enables great businesses to build trust in their goods and supply chain. Provenance powered data helps shoppers choose your product.

OVERVIEW: Today’s digitally savvy shopper expects data to support brand and product marketing. Now that adverts of farms are no longer enough, how can we empower customers with information they can trust? Working with the world’s largest consumer co-operative, we tracked fresh produce from origin to supermarket, proving product claims with data gathered from the entire supply chain.

SOURCE: Manchester, United Kingdom

THE CHALLENGE: Empowering customers all along the supply chain with data they can trust.

THE SOLUTION: Passporting produce: Digitally tracking fresh crops and their key claims in real-time

THE RESULT: Interactive, product-centric transparency



Cirrus Identity

ABOUT: Cirrus Identity provides innovative identity management solutions that solve the problem of “guest access” to online services for large organizations, streamlining and securing access for contract workers, external collaborators, alumni, applicants, retirees, and more.   

OVERVIEW: One of the biggest pain points in enterprise identity management is providing access to users who *do not* have enterprise accounts. Companies need to provide access to contractors, volunteers, retirees, corporate alum, etc. Universities have even more “external” users, such as parents, alumni, incoming students, research collaborators and more. Cirrus Identity's solution suite allows comprehensive outsourcing of secure guest account access.

SOURCE: Oakland, California

THE CHALLENGE: Historically, enterprises create internal “guest” accounts to accommodate external customers. This approach is costly to the enterprise and a big source of frustration for the end user who has to create a new account and track a username/password that they use infrequently.

THE SOLUTION: Cirrus Identity provides easy-to-integrate, cloud hosted solutions that eliminate the need for costly "guest account" solutions and custom development. We make it easy to securely integrate social login (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc) with enterprise SSO.

THE RESULT: Strategic users have a positive on-boarding experience, with easy account creation and login, and they stay engaged. Organizations cut ongoing operating expense associated with custom "guest account" solutions and dramatically reduce helpdesk calls.




ABOUT: Increases employee productivity and engagement with continuous feedback within employees' daily workflow and AI-powered performance insights.

OVERVIEW: Legacy performance reviews negatively impact talent retention, an area of concern for every company. CareerLark replaces the dreaded annual review with continuous feedback from software that lives in productivity tools. CareerLark applies AI to this data to help companies run data-driven performance evaluations and gain insights into their workforce.

SOURCE: San Francisco, CA

THE CHALLENGE: Helping companies retain their talent and make them more productive by creating a high-performing and nimble performance culture

THE SOLUTION: Performance management software that lives in productivity tools (i.e. Slack, email)

THE RESULT: Highly engaged and productive workforce