ABOUT: Provenance is a platform that empowers brands to build trust by tracing the origins and histories of products on the blockchain.

OVERVIEW: Provenance tracks food and other products from origin to retailer, proving product claims with data gathered from the entire supply chain.

SOURCE: London, United Kingdom

THE CHALLENGE: Today’s digitally savvy shopper expects data to support brand and product marketing. Until now producers only had centralised data systems for traceability which were neither consumer-friendly nor transparent.

THE SOLUTION: Provenance uses blockchain technology to provide a decentralised, open, and secure platform to allow producers to prove claims of origin and certifications that consumers can trust.

THE RESULT: Interactive, product-centric supply chain transparency.


Cirrus Identity

ABOUT: Cirrus Identity provides innovative identity management solutions that solve the problem of “guest access” to online services for large organizations.

OVERVIEW: One of the biggest pain points in enterprise identity management is providing access to users who do not—and should not—have standard enterprise accounts. Companies need to provide access to contractors, volunteers, retirees, corporate alumni, etc. Universities have even more “external” users, including parents, alumni, incoming students, research collaborators. Cirrus Identity's solution suite allows comprehensive outsourcing of secure guest account access.

SOURCE: Oakland, California

THE CHALLENGE: Historically, enterprises create internal “guest” accounts to accommodate external customers. This approach is costly to the enterprise and frustrating for the end user who has to create a new account and track a username/password that they use infrequently.

THE SOLUTION: Cirrus Identity provides easy-to-integrate, cloud hosted solutions that eliminate the need for costly "guest account" solutions and custom development. Cirrus Identity makes it easy to securely integrate social login (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) with enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) systems.

THE RESULT: Users have a positive on-boarding experience, with easy account creation and login, and stay engaged. Organizations cut on-going operating expense associated with custom "guest account" solutions and dramatically reduce helpdesk calls.    



ABOUT:  ImpactVision provides rapid and non-invasive analytics for food companies’ supply chains.

OVERVIEW: With a powerful combination of hyperspectral imaging—a technology originally developed for use in space—and machine learning methods, ImpactVision's software platform delivers rapid, non-invasively obtained insights about the quality of foods. From a single image, a user can predict ripeness of avocados or tenderness of beef, confirm that fish from a supplier is fresh, or detect contaminants, such as plastics, in food. 

SOURCE: Mountain View, California

THE CHALLENGE: The global food industry has become mechanized but is not yet digital. Food quality control involves manual, lengthy, and destructive processes, resulting in inefficient supply chains and waste.

THE SOLUTION: Different objects reflect light differently, generating unique spectral signatures that represent particular food characteristics. ImpactVision is building a library of these signatures to enable food businesses to more accurately identify products and predict their quality attributes during processing, reducing waste and fraud while maximising yield and quality.

THE RESULT: A new global standard for food safety and quality.



ABOUT: Increases employee productivity and engagement with continuous feedback within employees' daily workflow and provides AI-powered performance insights.

OVERVIEW: Legacy performance reviews negatively impact talent retention, an area of concern for every company. CareerLark replaces the dreaded annual review with continuous feedback from software that lives in productivity tools. CareerLark applies AI to this data to help companies run data-driven performance evaluations and gain insights into their workforce.

SOURCE: San Francisco, California

THE CHALLENGE: Helping companies retain their talent and make them more productive by creating a high-performing and nimble performance culture.

THE SOLUTION: Performance management software that lives in productivity tools (i.e. Slack, email).

THE RESULT: Highly engaged and productive workforce.