Founder: Charity Majors

Honeycomb empowers engineering teams to solve problems that metric- and log-based monitoring tools cannot surface. Their solution enables collaborative problem-solving and debugging of live production software.

Founder: Kim Nilsson

Pivigo gives access to a workforce of freelancers, consultants and analytical PhDs all ready to work on a project; anytime, anywhere, and any place, creating an on-demand science to data science (S2DS) network.

Founder: Jessi Baker

Provenance is a platform that empowers brands to build trust by tracing the origins and histories of products on the blockchain. Using blockchain technology for the transparency of the food products supply chain is one are critically important to consumers and businesses.


Founder: Regina Clewlow

Populus generates and aggregates transportation data to deliver essential information for cities and private mobility consumers. Machine learning is used to model travel behavior and help urban and mobility planners optimize plans.

Founder: Abi Ramanan

ImpactVision combine hyperspectral imaging and machine learning to provide rapid and non-invasive analytics for food companies' supply chains. Spectral signatures to predict ripeness, provide food safety and quality insights and detect contaminants reduces waste and fraud in food processing.

Founder: Bethanye Blount

Compaas creates relevant  analytics from disparate  compensation data, because fortune favors the prepared. Human Resources (HR) management benefits when applied to payroll data, employee stock management and compensation analytics.


Founder: Dedra Chamberlain

Cirrus Identity provides innovative identity management solutions that solve the problem of “guest access” to online services. It is a digital solution that supports secure, enterprise collaboration.

Co-Founder: Gowri Rao
Co-Founder: Ellen Choi

CareerLark develops apps that maximize employee engagement using micro-feedback and generates organizational data for valuable insights and analytics. Using AI, it enables continuous HR feedback for data-driven performance reviews and talent retention programs.